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About Us

WinVest Africa Group is a diversified investment company with interests in the strategic economic sectors in the African Continent. We are a born-global company head-quartered in South Africa, the gateway to the economy of the African Continent. Africa is our springboard to global business citizenship. WE ARE BOLD IN OUR EFFORTS. WE DON’T TAKE KINDLY TO BEING STOPPED IN OUR AGENDA – AGENDA 2040.

Our roots are authentic and can be traced through the little milestones we have achieved before we consolidated our entrepreneurial portfolio under WinVest Africa Group. Our GUSTO to be an authentic African pioneer has always been underpinned by BOLDNESS, COURAGE and feeling THE HEAT WITH BARE-HANDS. WinVest Africa Group represents our human and social capital investments we have made over the past 20 years.

The World has been readjusted to do business differently (since COVID-19) and WinVest Africa Group wears a human face, immense itself in sustainable and transformational agenda and forges partnerships with businesses that shares our value system.

Our Values

  • Resilience: We succeed because we are buoyant and have flexibility of mind in all we do. Our flexibility is best shown by the “Bottom-Line” results. 
  • Eagerness: Our team carries unparalleled fervor to reach places that have not be mapped and this is where our BOLDNESS proclamation manifest  
  • Commitment: As a Corporate Citizen, we remain true to our commitment to doing business ethically, social responsibility and growing the economy of land. We respect the rules of “fair game” and foster accountability for all our actions.

Our Services

  • Technology: WinVest delivers the best technology services to the people and help businesses to realize their full potential.
  • Property: WinVest has several properties under its name and the list is growing. We invest in residential and commercial property.
  • Construction: WinVest Construction Group executes construction demands of our investments as a group.
  • Healthcare: Pharmaways Healthcare is a registered pharmaceutical distribution business that can be regarded as a Phoenix bird.

Our Team



  • Master of Management – WITS University
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA – Corporate Finance) – NWU
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Finance) – NWU


  • Managing Director – Pharmaways Health
  • Senior Manager – Strategy & Risk (CCMA)
  • Strategy Consultant – Pharmaceuticals (Barloworld Logistics)
  • Business Development Director – uKhamba Capital
  • Senior Manager – Corporate Strategy (NYDA)
  • Development Manager (NDA)
  • Business Advisor (SEDA)

Simabarashe Chimamnzi
Chief investment officer


  • Honors in Investment Management-University of Johannesburg
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics)-University of Kwazulu Natal


  • Chief Investment Officer-Winvest Africa Group
  • Portfolio Manager-JM BUSHA Asset Managers
  • Investment Analyst-Emergent Capital Management